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(Doggy bags are allowed)
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Play some #DFWmetro IRC Rollerball!!!
Just hit Go 5 times.
Any questions???

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 |   |   |   | 
 |   |   |   | 
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Try a hand of #DFWmetro IRC Blackjack!!

To start a new game, click NEW SERIES the first game you play, and NEW GAME from then on.



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OK, now we know you have stayed up late at night wondering who won the Super Bowl in a given year.

Well now you can just sign on then type in a number 1-32, click process and it will tell you who won, who lost, and what year it was!!!

Enter a Super Bowl Number (1-32): The winner of that Super Bowl was the: The loser was the: The year was:

Welcome to #DFWmetro's IRC magic 8ball!!!
Just ask ANY yes or no question!!!

Warning, he can be slow and has been wrong before!! :-)Welcome to #DFWmetro's 8 Ball!

OK, so ya think yur purdy smart now!! So lets see how many of these famous theme songs you can recognize!!

HINT: 1 is from a movie and the others are from TV shows. And thats the ONLY hint you get!!!

Do what the buttons say and no one get's hurt.

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