And just what is #DFWmetro IRC???



#DFWmetro is an internet chat channel for the people of the Dallas-Ft Worth Metroplex.  However, we have visitors from all over the world and of course, all are welcome.  #DFWmetro is located on the "Undernet" group of servers and you can usually find someone to chat with 24/7. 

#DFWmetro is fun, it's friendly, and its free.   :-)


Put very simply, Internet Relay Chat or "IRC" is a way to chat, real time, with anyone in the world. All you need is an internet connection and the rest is free.    The two most popular programs are MIRC and PIRCH and you can download them both for free.  Once downloaded, simply follow the installation instructions, then connect to any of the "Undernet" servers and connect to #DFWmetro.   We hope to see ya there!!!